CalMutuals and CalMutuals JPRIMA are partnering with Alvaka and AlphaGuardian Networks to bring cutting edge tools, at reduced costs, that protect our members against the top cybersecurity threats facing public water systems today.

Network Protection

Protect your network
Since its founding in 1982, Alvaka has led the industry in Advanced Network Management. In the past 7 years, Alvaka has become an undisputed leader in enterprise Ransomware Rescue. This experience provides an unrivaled understanding of how victims are successfully compromised. Unpatched vulnerability in operating systems and third-party applications are a top source of system compromise. Once compromised, a victim faces a high potential for stolen or damaged data, significant financial crimes and Ransomware. Ransomware often occurs in a two-pronged attack; Data, most often first stolen and then encrypted (unusable); Victim, through a Ransom with a threat of data loss and public disclosure, unless the ransom is paid.

Besides the human factor, the top security threat facing companies today are unpatched systems! Alvaka offers Patchworx, an advanced system for patching vulnerability in business computers at a predictable cost. Alvaka’s Patchworx, is a key element of keeping your systems safe and reliable.

Leveraging decades of understanding and experience in this domain, Alvaka offers members highly effective patch management as a service that helps to ensure that your critical operating systems and third-party desktop applications are up to date with the latest critical security patches. It also results in significant improvement in an organization’s security and compliance posture.

CalMutuals and CalMutuals JPRIMA Member Pricing:

Location Fee:
$ 0 per month
($100 month per location fee WAIVED)

$15 per month

Patching for servers:
$30 per month

Prices are for standard patching services for system installed software. Third party patches applied are the most common, available in the software library for the services and not user initiated. Where complex shut down and turn around processes are required by the Client, additional fees will apply. These fees are negotiated in advance or contract signing. Installation fees for both desktops and servers are: 1.5 times monthly bill, up to 25 at each location and 1 times for greater than 25 at a given location.

Protect your critical infrastructure

AlphaGuardian is a cybersecurity pioneer in protecting SCADA, PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and other Industrial Control Systems (ICS). These Operational Technology (OT) systems are the backbone of your operations and any interruption can have devastating consequences.

The rapid rise in foreign cyber attacks on U.S. critical infrastructure and in Ransomware attacks against OT makes protecting these systems a critical task. SCADA and the OT devices they manage are all vulnerable to Ransomware and other cyber attacks. Until now, OT cybersecurity has been too expensive, too complex and frankly, too confusing. We created Site Radar to change that for public water systems and other U.S. critical infrastructure sites.

Only AlphaGuardian’s Site Radar cyber threat discovery and response offering allows you to see all threats to your OT network using the familiar interface of a spreadsheet. Site Radar gives you an early warning of any potential cyberattack, along with the recommended response. Our system is targeted specifically for small and
medium-sized sites

CalMutuals and CalMutuals JPRIMA Member Pricing:

Site Radar Appliance:
50% discount
(from ~$3000 down to $1500/Site Radar unit)

Site Radar Annual
Maintenance/Upgrades Subscription:
$600 ($50/month)
(for a “Small” or “Very Small” site)

Site Radar Self-installation
and Other Documentation:

Optional Site Radar Guided
Installation & Configuration
(up to 2 hours “live” time)
Service: 25% discount
(from $1000 down to $750 per site)

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