Our Mission

CalMutuals-JPRIMA was created by its public agency and mutual water company founders to provide first in class insurance and technical support and resources for California water systems.


Our Goals

  • To offer Authority members high quality and cost-effective insurance products to protect and enhance its members’ assets and operations and reduce overall risk management costs.
  • To provide efficient and effective claims, underwriting, distribution and risk control services to Authority members.
  • To help small water systems meet basic requirements for eligibility of grants and loans to improve aging pipes and infrastructure in order to comply with water quality regulations and deliver high quality water to their customers and members.
  • To prove water systems with technical support, continuing education, safety engineering and operational and managerial advisory assistance in order to reduce risk liabilities and further their technical, managerial, and financial capacity.
  • To provide financial administration and other services necessary to properly carry out the mission of CalMutuals JPRIMA.


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