Workers’ Compensation

CalMutuals partners with The Zenith to provide high qualtiy insurance products that blend competitve rates with meaningful value-added service and impeccable financial security.

What is Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment in exchange for mandatory relinquishment of the employee’s right to sue their employer for the tort of negligence.

Why is Workers’ Compensation Insurance Important?

Workers’ compensation insurance is the best way to protect your water system financially and legally should an accident occur.

Water systems that don’t have workers’ compensation insurance coverage have significant exposure if there is ever a workplace injury because employers are generally liable for the amount of the employee’s medical expenses (doctor visits, rehab appointments, medications, etc.) and lost wages. A significant accident could be financially devastating.  In addition to financial liability, workers’ compensation insurance provides legal protection because employees who accept benefits generally forfeit their right to sue the employer, regardless of fault.

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What We Offer You

Quick and easy 24/7 claim reporting

Online access to account information

Flexible ways to pay your workers’ compensation premium

Policies over $1,000 are eligible for automatic payments through electronic funds transfer

Complimentary access to Zenith Solution Center

You Can Expect Us To

Help you reduce workplace injuries and claims, so your business stays productive

Put your employees first, helping anyone injured on the job get the medical care they need

Fight fraud, so you can protect what you’ve built

Provide attentive and responsive service, so you can focus on your business

Help you strengthen your business reputation, so you can compete for talent

Who is covered?


  • Mutual Water Companies
  • Public Water / Sewer Districts
  • Irrigation / Drainage Districts
  • Reclamation / Levee Districts
  • Community Services Districts
  • Other Special Districts


  • Workers Compensation
    • Statutory Benefits for the State of CA
  • Employers’ Liability
    • $1M Policy Limit
    • Per Accident / Per Disease
  • Twelve Month Policy (unless pro-rated)
    • Auditable
  • Rates per $100 of payroll
    • Adjustments based on:
    • Experience Modification Factor
    • Premium Size Credit
    • Scheduled Credits & Debit
    • Territorial Factor
  • Flexible Payment Plans (annual to monthly)
    • Direct Bill & EFT Options
    • $750 Minimum Premium


  • Dividend Plan
    • 100% Proceeds to JPRIMA / Members


  • Zenith Claims Handling & Loss Prevention
  • In House Examiners & Nurses
  • In House Safety & Health Engineers
  • 24 / 7 Concierge Service
  • Website Portal
  • Video & Online Training Library
  • Onsite Visits
  • Specialized Services

0251: Irrigation, Drainage, or Reclamation Works Operation

This classification is applicable to all work incidental to maintenance and operation of irrigation or drainage systems, pumps, valves, and control gates. This classification does not contemplate the construction of these systems. The cleaning of mains, ditches, lateral flow lines, and the spreading or spraying of oil performed in connection with mosquito control is included in this classification. Examples of operations are water districts and other public agencies.

7520: Waterworks

This classification applies to the operations of publicly or privately operated water companies that supply potable water to communities. This classification includes but is not limited to the construction of water mains and lateral lines, the treatment of water, the operation and maintenance of pumping stations and the installation and repair of water meters. Repair, maintenance and installation of water mains, taps, meters and fire hydrants are included in this classification.

7580: Sanitary or Sanitation Districts Operations

This classification shall apply to all work incidental to the maintenance and operation of sewer systems or sewage disposal plants. Additions to, alterations or construction of sewer lines or sewage disposal plants shall be separately classified.

8742: Salespersons

Outside salespersons are defined as those employees (1) who are engaged exclusively in sales or collection work away from the premises of the employer or (2) who are engaged in such work for any portion of their time and devote the balance of their time to clerical office duties. The statement of payroll shall include the entire remuneration of all outside salespersons, including those whose duties take them outside the State of California. When salespersons are required to pay their own traveling expenses out of their remuneration, not less than two-thirds of such remuneration shall be included as payroll.

8810: Clerical Office Employees

Clerical office employees are those employees engaged exclusively in bookkeeping, in record keeping, in correspondence, or in other office work where books and other records are kept or correspondence is conducted. This classification applies only to employees who work in areas physically separated from other operations by structural partitions and in which work of clerical office employees as defined in this rule is performed exclusively. If such an employee has any other duty, the total payroll of that employee shall be assigned to the highest rated classification of operations to which the employee is exposed.

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