Our History

In 2013 twelve (12) mutual water companies formed the California Association of Mutual Water Companies (CalMutuals). The goal was to advocate on behalf of and become a unifying voice for mutual water companies. CalMutuals successfully sponsored AB 656 (Garcia) in 2015 that allowed a mutual water company and a public agency to form a JPA for the purpose of providing insurance products to its membership.

In 2016, the CalMutuals Joint Powers Risk Insurance Management Authority (JPRIMA) was formed. The passage of AB 656 changed the focus of CalMutuals from mutual water companies to all small public water systems throughout California. The legislation also required that proceeds from insurance sales be reinvested in advancing the technical capacity of its membership specifically in the areas of technical, financial, and managerial support.

The Authority provides customized insurance solutions to small water systems throughout California whose operations comprise the development, transportation, management, storage, treatment or distribution of water. These water systems provide water to more than 1.3 million Californians.

Other water management agencies, such as public water districts, sewer districts, conservation districts, and community services districts, are also eligible and now well positioned to secure insurance coverage through CalMutuals JPRIMA. carry out the mission of CalMutuals JPRIMA.

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