April, 2022

JPRIMA Workshop: Fighting Fraud in California Workers’ Compensation

CalMutuals JPRIMA will be co-hosting this workshop with our insurance partner, The Zenith Insurance Company. The session will explore the definition of fraud and how it differs from abuse, as well as the obstacles that must be overcome to result in a conviction.
During the training session, information will be shared on the step-by-step process that must take place during the investigation process to lead to an accepted fraud referral by the California Department of Insurance. An understanding of the differences and roles of District Attorney Investigators and California Department of Insurance Investigators and their role in prosecuting workers’ compensation fraud will round out the program.

This training covers:

  • Realities of surveillance
  • What can go wrong in the investigative stages
  • What must be covered in a fraud referral
  • What obstacles must be overcome
  • What an employer should expect
  • What does Zenith do and why are we different?

Who should attend this training?
Managers, General Managers, Human Resource Managers or any others who work in supervisory/ management roles within the organization.

Presented by:
This session is presented by Don Marshall, Vice President and National Director of Zenith’s Anti-Fraud Program & Chair of the State of CA, Fraud Assessment Commission. Don is a longtime member of the Fraud Assessment Commission, first appointed by then Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2009.  He was elected Chair of the State of California’s Fraud Assessment Commission in 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2022
10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
WHERE: Online webinar
REGISTRATION: Click here to register.

Once registered, you’ll receive an email from Webex. Follow the email instructions to access the webinar. To hear the webinar, call the phone number that appears on your screen.
Contact Jessica Neal at (559) 449-4836 or  jneal@thezenith.com with any questions.

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