Environmental Pollution

This year CalMutuals/JPRIMA, in partnership with Navigators Specialty Insurance Company, launches its new Environmental Pollution Product. This product is tailored for water & sewer districts and provides third-party pollution liability and remediation expenses as well as first-party pollution clean-up. Coverage applies to losses arising from your onsite activities (i.e. your locations including piping infrastructure) as well as transportation & hauling, contracting operations, non-owned disposal sites, and spreading of bio-solids. This product is proprietary to JPRIMA and is the first of its kind in California if not the entire United States.

 Why you need Environmental Pollution Insurance

  • Most pollution exposures are typically excluded by general liability and property policies.
  • Our Comprehensive Pollution Insurance fills those gaps with expansive pollution coverage and generous policy triggers.

What you Get

  • Pollution liability insurance for your insured sites, such as clean-up costs from the discovery of a pollution incident and third-party claims for bodily injury, property damage or clean-up costs.
  • Pollution liability coverage for your off-site activities, such as third-party claims for bodily injury, property damage or clean-up costs, and emergency clean-up costs.
  • The opportunity to help small systems and disadvantaged communities. Residuals from CalMutuals JPRIMA insurance proceeds are invested in programs and services to support its membership, small systems and disadvantaged communities.

Claim Examples

  • Escape of pollutants from its piping or repository.
  • Overflow of pollutants from agricultural canals or brine lines.
  • CERCLA-imposed liability for cleanup costs of potentially responsible parties (PRP) from disposal or treatment of hazardous substances at a previously certified and now bankrupt Waste Disposal Facility.
  • Gradual release and seepage of pollutants from an insured site to an aquifer that subsequently becomes contaminated.
  • Litigation brought by a Waste Disposal Facility Owner or Operator via unknown contaminants in prior loads.
  • Illegal dumping or abandonment at any insured site of drum(s) or container(s) of substances or chemicals regulated as hazardous or toxic under federal, state, or local environmental law, regulation, or statute.
  • Inadvertent disturbance of asbestos or lead based paint at any insured site including disturbance of asbestos cement (transite) piping during removal.

Standard Coverage Limits

  • $1,000,000 Coverages A & B per Occurrence / Aggregate (higher limits available)
  • $50,000 Crisis Management Event Sublimit
  • $50,000 Green Standards Sublimit
  • $50,000 Fungus / Legionella Sublimit

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